How Can I Convert My Digital Art Into NFT to Make Money?

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If you are a digital artist or designer, you can convert your work to the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. SuperRare and Opensea are two options. SuperRare is designed to help designers and digital artists sell their works to a larger audience. Opensea is also a good choice if you have original artwork. Both sites have a large community of users. They also have a thriving market for digital art and design.

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If you are a digital artist, you may want to sell your art in NFT to make money. Unlike traditional art, however, there are certain limitations. In order to sell NFT, you must first make your digital art available on the internet. There are many platforms that allow you to do this, including eBay, Reddit, and ArtFire. But it is essential that you understand the difference between these platforms.

If you are an American artist, you must make sure that you are the owner of the artwork. This can be done by exporting two versions of the artwork: one version of the image and another one. This can be done by exporting a large TIFF file and the other 50 percent JPEG. Once you have done the above steps, you are ready to sell your digital art in NFT.

To sell your digital art in NFT, you need to set up an account with the right marketplace. You can sign up for an NFT account by registering as an artist, or you can do it yourself by signing up in one of the sites. You’ll be asked to connect your Ethereum wallet, which you should do if you’re new to digital art. After registering, you can upload your digital art to the NFT marketplace. It is important to include a title and description of your work.

You can also use social media to advertise your NFT. If you’ve built a large social media following, you can share your listing on your profile and let your followers know about it. These social media shares will bring you traffic and potential buyers. You can also leverage existing communities, like those on Rarible or SuperRare. These sites also have their own discords, which will allow you to sell your NFTs to other users.

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You may already be familiar with the concept of creating an NFT by converting digital art into a.coin. But if you’re new to the world of crypto, it’s not quite so straightforward. In fact, converting digital art to an ICO may even require a lot of effort and planning. But it is possible, and this article will explain the process step-by-step.

Firstly, you’ll need to decide what type of art you want to create. Some types of digital items are more appropriate for creating NFTs than others. For example, if you’d like to create NFTs of your original works of art, you should know how to use different types of tools to create them. You can also try learning 3D modeling, which is notoriously difficult for beginners. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can easily convert your original works into NFTs and start selling them in the market.

Another way to sell your NFTs is to promote them on social media. If you’ve got a Facebook page or a website, you can use it to promote your NFTs. You can also paste NFT promotional banners on popular pages. It’s also a good idea to join a few Facebook groups where people are selling art, like Discord.

NFTs are a blockchain-powered phenomenon that helps creators compete with traditional artists. Because NFTs don’t require physical production, they provide new income streams for the creators. The artist Beeple, for instance, has a massive Instagram following. His art style is unique and his work has a great following, and NFTs are becoming an increasingly popular means of making money.

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SuperRare for digital artists

If you’re a digital artist looking for a place to sell your work, you should check out SuperRare. The platform was founded in April of 2018, but its early days began in 2017. John Crain and Charles Crain created the company with the aim of facilitating the sale of digital art through NFTs. The company has since raised $9 million in funding from investors including Velvet Sea Ventures. You can join the SuperRare community by signing up for their newsletter.

In addition to hosting an online platform, the SuperRare gallery will open a pop-up gallery in New York City this spring. This pop-up will feature a rotating roster of NFT exhibitions, highlighting the evolution of the digital medium. An Rong, the senior curator at SuperRare, curated a showcase called Visions of Remembered Futures, which features 15 digital artists exploring science fiction. Additionally, the gallery will host a special exhibition for Pride Month in June, featuring digital paintings by Black artists.

To further promote its mission, SuperRare is working with the Ethereum blockchain to guarantee the authenticity of NFT works. The company’s community of crypto art enthusiasts has already grown rapidly and its curated platform enables art lovers to connect. The platform believes that collecting is the social glue that holds the community together. You can browse artworks by the trendiest artists, find out who’s a leading collector, and view what they’re collecting.

The SuperRare DAO is composed of community members who have elected governorship status in the project. The Council helps to implement decisions made by the wider RARE token-holder community. The SuperRare DAO will also use these RARE tokens to help foster a diverse art ecosystem. The Governance Council will make decisions on whether and how to list artists on the platform. If a Space is unpopular, unclaimed tokens will be added to the community treasury.

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Opensea for designers

One of the easiest ways to turn your work of art into a digital-to-digital transfer (NFT) is to create it in a popular file format, such as JPEG, PNG, or TIFF. NFTs are digital versions of original artwork and can be a valuable revenue source for aspiring digital artists. Before you can begin the conversion process, you must be sure that you own the rights to your art. You can also try 3D modeling, but this can be a challenging task for beginners. Whatever art form you choose, it will be a worthwhile investment for you to turn into a NFT.

In addition to the digital format, the NFT format also offers a way to sell physical goods. NFTically is a free, open marketplace where anyone can sell their NFTs, and you can set up a storefront within minutes. NFTically uses highly secure blockchains to protect your digital artwork and storefront. With good security, you don’t have to worry about your work being copied or stolen. Once you learn how to create NFTs, you will be able to sell your digital art and make a nice profit.

Before you can start selling your NFT, you must have enough Ethereum in your wallet. The reason for this is that your NFT will be sent to your wallet when your artwork is converted. You can choose to sell a single copy or multiple copies of your digital art to make money. The best way to make money from your NFT is to sell as many copies as you can. However, this method isn’t the best option for all artists.

Opensea for photographers

OpenSea is an NFT marketplace for photographers. It has over a million members and over 120 million monthly visitors. It supports the MetaMask, Torus, and TrustWallet wallets. The platform features 4 million items and 200 categories, making it easy for photographers to sell their work. The Opensea website also includes a storefront where photographers can display their work. There are a number of benefits to using Opensea.

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There are many artists frustrated with Big Tech platforms that generate little or no revenue and generate only visits and engagement. Many artists have envisioned the future of NFTs – networks for digital art artists. NFTs would offer a way for artists to connect, sell their work, and build their careers. But what name should we give the platform? Here are some names you can think of:

Async Art

Async is an NFT-based platform that allows users to purchase NFT-based digital art. The art is composed of layers that change over time. Each layer is able to react to the price volatility of Bitcoin. The artist can choose how the layers change. The artist must apply to become a member of the platform before creating and selling art. In the meantime, the site offers a number of free art tutorials.

Async is a digital art platform which features artwork created by ‘programmable artists’. The art is made of live editable ‘Layers’ which can be sold to collectors. The artist can also program the Layers to react based on different variables. Thus, the art evolves and morphs based on the changes in the world and the community.

Unlike traditional galleries, Async Art offers a unique opportunity to create and sell generative artwork. This unique concept allows multiple creators to alter a piece of art over time. The artwork is also unique and rare. In addition to artists who create digital art for sale, the platform also hosts established institutions and galleries. Async Art is an NFT platform for artists to share their work and earn money.

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Zora’s manifesto emphasizes collaboration. Users of the platform can cooperate to build a more transparent infrastructure. Users can also place bids on the work of other users. The platform also has a zero-fee protocol, which means that it costs nothing to list an NFT. This makes it an attractive choice for artists and collectors alike. But before you decide on which NFT marketplace to use, make sure you do your research and understand how each platform works.


One of the most popular NFT platforms is Delbo, a new service where people can sell and buy original, non-traditional works of art. It was launched by former Major League Baseball player Micah Johnson, who has recently become one of the top NFT artists. His series, Aku: The Moon God, features digital images of a young boy in sneakers and astronaut hats. The work has been selling for more than $2,244 per piece!

The platform has a built-in mechanism for verifying ownership and other details of the artwork. The NFT file contains the name and email of the owner, its description, a link to its digital image, and a hash code. It also serves as proof of ownership. Most NFT transactions are conducted using cryptocurrency. This allows users to trade and exchange art without dealing with intermediaries. However, this is not always the case.

In July 2020, Delbo launched its first NFT, a 43-page comic book. The “Death… No Escape” NFT was the first original comic NFT released on the blockchain. Delbo has continued to release original comic fine art as NFTs, collaborating with some of the biggest artists in the industry. The project has already established Delbo as one of the most innovative and respected in the comic industry.

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Another notable artist on the platform is Nyan Cat. It features a cat with a Pop Tart body, a rainbow streaming behind, and a scribbled portrait. It sells for around 300 ether. It’s also worth mentioning that the artist is based in London. There are many digital artists and works of art sold on Delbo, and the value of their works is growing rapidly.


The Institut für digitale Kunst (IdK) is a new centralized hub for the creation, sale and exchange of works of art. The Institut will host its first exhibition, No Fear in Trying, in October. It will feature work from over 100 leading artists, including Miao Ying, Olive Allen and IX Shells. The Institut also plans to host a physical exhibition of these works, featuring works from IX Shells, Kenny Schachter, and other prominent voices in the NFT space.

Founded in Berlin, the Institut will use a hybrid system of decentralised and centralised functions to enable its users to trade and buy artwork. With a hybrid system, Institut users will only interact with the blockchain two times – once and when they need to use it. The Institut’s approach will reduce the energy required to operate the system and, in the process, will reduce the costs to users and the environment.

While the hybrid system offers environmental benefits, the benefits of its convenience are primarily cost-saving. The Institut has partnered with Palm and LiveArtX to launch the NFT platform to coincide with its annual fundraising gala. A special auction featuring three works by the artist Cory Van Lew was launched as part of the gala. The works were all created onsite for the gala, with one piece eventually making it into the museum’s permanent collection. In addition to auctions of this kind, the Institut also provides multiple payment methods, including credit cards, FIATs, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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The Institut is launching a new NFT platform this July, with a first exhibition opening in July. The Institut will use the new metaverse technology by Arium to showcase its exhibition program. A curator, Kenny Schachter, will curate the show. In this interview, Joe Kennedy, one of the Institut’s co-founders, discusses the concept of the NFT platform, its new metaverse, and how NFTs will shape the future of art.


If you’re a fan of the art scene and are interested in making money, you should check out the new SuperRare Digital Art NFT platform. It focuses on the emerging digital art market and allows you to purchase original works of art. In exchange for purchasing these pieces, you will receive 10% of the value of secondary transactions. The platform has a few rules that you should know before signing up to the platform.

The first is that you can sell your works of art on the platform. While SuperRare is more like an online art gallery, it does charge a small transaction fee. For primary sales, it takes a 15% transaction fee. The second-hand sales, however, are free to buy and sell. The platform will split the royalties with the creator. However, if you want to sell your works of art on SuperRare, you can set a variable royalty.

Second, you can sell your tokenized digital art through a marketplace. You can choose to sell individual NFTs or multiple editions of each piece. You can set the buy-now price for your work or host an auction. The next time the NFT changes hands, the first collector gains 1% of the price. After that, the commission gradually decreases by 50%. If you sell more NFTs through a secondary marketplace, you’ll receive a royalty of 0.5% of the price.

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The next step for the NFT platform is to build a trust community for artists. In the process, SuperRare will connect artists and collectors with the platform. SuperRare’s curated platform will facilitate authentication of an artist’s work. It will also help artists to monetize their works. NFTs are non-fungible assets created from blockchain data. Because of this, they can be sold online and in physical stores.


For digital art lovers, the Foundation is an excellent NFT marketplace. With its massive art collection and the ability to ensure royalties for the creators, this platform makes selling art online simple. However, fees can be expensive and it is best to keep this in mind before signing up. This platform is also limited to art NFTs only, not other forms of digital art. You can also bid on an artwork and make an offer to the seller. In addition, it uses the Ethereum blockchain to ensure its transparency and reliability.

To start purchasing and selling on the Foundation, users must first create a collector’s profile. For this, they must have an Ethereum wallet running on the blockchain and ETH. ETH is the cryptocurrency used to make all Ethereum transactions. Collectors then use the Etherscan scanner to find the artists’ NFTs. Each piece will display the reserve price set by the creator. The auction will be open for 24 hours or as extended as 15 minutes. Winning bidders will receive their NFTs once the auction closes.

Once a buyer has made a bid on a specific NFT, the buyer can choose the option of claiming it. This can either be through a private sale or a public auction. Either way, the buyer will benefit by being the one to choose which NFT to purchase. The Foundation will take a 5% commission from the sale of the NFT and the original creator will receive the rest of the money.

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The Foundation features a community of 20,000 artists and collectors. A community that is open to all can make use of the platform. A foundation creator’s profile will include a photo, social media links, and work samples. The Foundation also provides a unique opportunity for developers to create new features or modify existing ones. This will create a transparent platform where buyers can trace their artwork to its original first seller. If all goes well, this platform could become a popular choice for digital art collectors.

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