How Can I Promote an NFT Game From Scratch?

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The best way to promote your NFT game is by incorporating some marketing techniques. These include press releases, affiliate marketing, and airdrops. You will also want to engage influencers in several projects. This will ignite interest in your project and re-engage them for recalling your brand. For example, you can give away free copies of your game as part of a presale social media marketing technique. To do this, you can engage your followers in ‘follow tag’ competitions, or organize a fan art contest. These tactics can encourage participation among your followers and help you emerge with clarity near a new audience.

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Affiliate marketing

If you’re a gamer and love earning commissions, you’ll love affiliate marketing for NFT games. Zoot Chain is an NFT-based fantasy football game. Players can purchase trading cards of their favorite players and earn commissions daily. It’s big business too, and Zoot Chain raised $680 million in Series B funding in 2021. At last check, it’s valued at $4.3 billion.

Before you begin your affiliate marketing campaign, you should evaluate the needs and interests of your target audience. Knowing your ideal client base is essential to creating a successful campaign. To begin, identify where they hang out online. For example, you can find these people on niche websites or social networks. Another way to promote your offering is to create a website or participate in relevant online community forums. Once you’ve identified your audience, you can use content marketing and email marketing to attract them to your site.

In addition to e-commerce and advertising, affiliate marketers can also promote in-game NFT assets. The in-game NFT assets can include Mars4 land plots. And because Mars4 uses NASA data, these plots will count as in-game NFT sales. This means that if you refer someone to Mars4, you’ll be earning passive income. The Mars4 game will be available in the near future.

Once you’ve found a reputable NFT affiliate program, you can use various strategies to promote it. The main goal is to generate more sales and profit for you. For instance, you could offer incentives to top supporters or reward them with special features. Moreover, you could offer them exclusive items, personalization, or the naming rights of your collection. Moreover, an affiliate program can help you promote the digital collectibles with a small investment. A good affiliate program will pay you a percentage of every sale, making it cost-effective to promote.

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To get started, you can start by promoting the Coinbase platform. Coinbase is a massive crypto exchange with 98 million verified users and $309 billion in quarterly trading volume. Its simple platform makes it possible for anyone to trade NFTs and send Bitcoin to other users. By offering an affiliate program, you can earn 25% of every purchase made by your affiliates. If you are already a gamer, you can even make money from home through your NFT affiliate program.

Once you’ve established your reputation, you can look for affiliate programs for NFT. There are many niches for NFT games, but NFT is one that has a lot of potential. You can make a lot of money if you can find the right niche to promote. One of the best ways to find these lucrative affiliate programs is to join forums and join other online communities. Moreover, you can earn extra cash from the popularity of NFT games.

Press releases

If you are creating an NFT game from scratch, there are many ways to promote your game. You can use various platforms, partner with influential people, participate in community forums, and contact various media outlets. Because NFT games don’t fight for the attention of players, your marketing strategy should focus on getting the word out about your game. Some effective ways to promote your game include listing it on marketplaces, sharing it on social media platforms, building a community, and using metaverse spaces.

In addition to press releases, you can also engage the community by running Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions. Many AMA sessions in the tech and crypto space are a great way to engage your audience. You can use AMA sessions to spread awareness about your NFT project. AMA sessions can be held in large Telegram chats or on YouTube channels. AMA sessions should be conducted regularly on the social media channels of the NFT creators.

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In addition to press releases, other marketing strategies include SEO, community building, airdrops, and AMA sessions. All of these methods are highly effective, so you should consider using them to promote your NFT game. There are several advantages to this approach:

As with any other marketing strategy, promoting your NFT game requires an understanding of your audience. Doing audience research helps you identify your target group and use various communication channels to reach them. Since NFT is a relatively new niche in the blockchain industry, you should educate your audience on the digital artworks. The NFT community is important as it helps determine the value of your NFT and creates a buzz around your game.

Press releases can also help you gain credibility among potential buyers. Make sure you offer quality content and sneak peeks of future works. A quality social media presence can also create viral content and cross-promotion opportunities. For example, the Binance NFT showcased a video of an interactive mystery box with an informative caption. Using social media to promote your NFT game is an effective way to reach new audiences and grow your game’s fan base.

Another effective way to market your NFT game is to hold an airdrop. These airdrops are a unique way to advertise your NFT offerings and invite potential customers to buy them for discounted prices. In addition to airdrops, an AMA session is an excellent way to introduce your project to your audience and guide them in understanding the concept behind it. It is also a great way to generate buzz around your virtual artwork and boost sales.

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Using Rarible is an excellent tool for creating and promoting NFTs. You simply upload digital files to the platform and your NFTs will be stored in the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), which means your files won’t be lost forever. Some types of media may require a separate preview image, and these will be displayed when your NFTs appear on the site.


To succeed in the world of digital art, you must be able to market your NFT game. Marketing your NFT game requires a strong strategy that can generate interest. Listed below are 15 marketing techniques you can use to promote your NFT. These include creating a Facebook group, utilizing growth features, answering questions, and becoming a known quantity. Creating a strong headline is another effective way to get your NFT out there.

To get your airdrops, you first need to generate transactions. You can use MetaMask wallets to generate the transactions, but make sure that you are not using fake transactions as this will make your project look suspect and raise questions about its legitimacy. Also, be aware of the fact that every NFT has a public transaction history, and fake transactions will only cause more confusion. Airdrops are an effective promotional tool and will spread the word about your project.

Airdrops are a good way to boost user engagement. Many P2E games already offer a free NFT to users. If your NFT game is successful, the developers can use your airdrop as a means of further growth. The resulting royalties are shared by the earners of the NFTs. This method can make your game successful and generate more revenue for your NFT project.

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Another great use of airdrops is in building a community. For example, the Bored Ape Yatch Club used airdrops to share special tokens, which are called Mutant Serum. This airdrop allows users to earn additional tokens as long as they stay active. This way, your community can become your brand spokesperson. These are just a few examples of how airdrops can be effective.

However, you need to know what to watch out for when choosing an airdrop. While airdrops are generally safe, there are always bad actors. Some bots will attack airdrop protocols, pretending to be active, and use fake activity to scoop up upcoming airdrops. It’s crucial to invest in a quality project – avoid those with unrealistic promises. They’ll be worth the risk.

To succeed with NFTs, you should evaluate your target audiences. This is a crucial step when promoting your NFT game, because it will help you identify the needs and motivations of your ideal clientele. Remember that your audience is most likely to hang out on certain social media sites or niche websites. Other ways to reach out to your audience include email marketing, content marketing, and participation in relevant online community forums.

One popular way to promote an NFT game is to conduct giveaways. Some of the giveaways are digital collectibles, while others involve tangible items. In order to enter to win a giveaway, you must follow the artist on social media and tag your friends in the comments. In this way, you’ll be able to reach a large audience and help spread the word about your giveaway.

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We’ve covered the Battle Racers, Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, and DeFi Kingdoms, but what about new NFT games? What’s in store for them in the next year? Let’s take a look! Are any of these games worth the hype? Will they succeed? And will gamers still want to play them? Here are some predictions for the future.

Battle Racers

After the shutdown of Battle Racers, many fans have been wondering what might be the next big thing in NFT games development. The blockchain-based game is an arcade-style action-game, allowing players to customize NFT cars and race them against other cars. As with previous arcade-style games, players can use different parts and combine them to customize their cars, as well as customize their combat skills.

The team behind the game will ensure that all associated NFTs are validated on the blockchain, ensuring the security of their collectors’ assets. Additionally, all related NFTs will be open-sourced, allowing community developers to reuse the tiny vehicles for future projects. Although Battle Racers was among the first play-to-earn games to be developed on the blockchain, its recent demise has prompted some users to ask, “Why aren’t we making it?”

A number of games are in development for NFT, including the action RPG, Lost Relics. Players can explore dungeons and complete quests to earn NFT loot. The Enjin network will allow players to sell these virtual items in-game to make a profit. Lastly, there is Battle Racers, an arcade kart-sim game that incorporates NFTs. Players can build and customize their own cars based on their preferred performance, handling, and other criteria.

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Gods Unchained

The developers of Gods Unchained have revealed that the metaverse of the game will include auctions. These auctions will allow players to purchase limited edition god cards and sell them for the highest bid. There will also be open tournaments where players can win big profits. To be successful in these tournaments, players will need to own some of the best properties in the game. These properties will then be exchanged for NFT tokens, which can be used to purchase more cards in the metaverse.

New features in the game are expected to launch in 2022, such as fusing cards to get shiny versions. This is a feature that has long been promised. Increasing the shine of a card requires Forging five cards of its previous level. That means that if a creature has 1 point of armor, it will be immune to many other creatures’ attacks. Fusing cards with shiny versions will greatly reduce the amount of cards available in non-Core sets.

To get started in Gods Unchained, users should create an account and enter their referral code. They should then subscribe to emails with updates. After they receive the confirmation, they can log in to their account and proceed to the main page. From there, they can access learning materials, links to Marketplace, Workshop, and Forge. Once they have mastered the basics, they can focus on building their decks.

DeFi Kingdoms

MMORPG and DEX combine in DeFi Kingdoms, a pixelated fantasy game. Players will be able to earn rare utility-driven NFTs, participate in quests, and gather resources through their professions. Players can purchase new heroes at the Tavern or invest in the Jeweler and Gardens. These assets can earn players JEWEL, the game’s currency. JEWEL can be used to purchase new Heroes, as well as other items that can help them in their quests.

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Although the game has not yet entered the mainstream, it is already available on Avalanche and Harmony ONE networks. Its developer, DeFi, aims to create the ultimate platform for NFT games. They want to give users an immersive virtual world and pixel art nostalgia. The game also allows players to engage in token trading and collect rare NFTs. A large part of the currency in DeFi Kingdoms is Jewel, a cryptocurrency that is the native currency of the ecosystem.

Besides cryptocurrencies, gamers can purchase currency for the game in the form of Battle of Guardians Share or Fighting Points. These are both beneficial in terms of governance and acquiring NFT characters. In-game currencies are staked and stored in MetaMask or Trust wallets. It’s important to do your due diligence and verify that a game project is legitimate before investing.

Guild of Guardians

A multiplayer dungeon RPG focusing on true digital ownership of in-game assets, Guild of the Guardians is slated to launch as a soft alpha and beta in 2022. The game will feature a tutorial and special code for the pre-alpha demo. While it is still early in the development process, the game feels very polished. A full launch is expected in 2023.

A game store will be available for players to purchase items that enhance their heroes’ performance. There are three factions in Guild of Guardians, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Players will be able to mate with different heroes according to their strengths and weaknesses. Gems, the native currency of the game, will be used as a reward system for player behavior. Gems will increase a hero’s overall performance and can be exchanged for items that can enhance their abilities.

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The play-to-earn industry is projected to grow exponentially in the years to come. These games incentivize players through rewards and the appreciating value of assets. If the game offers a better gameplay experience, it can attract millions of new players. Immutable X network, which is developing Guild of Guardians, is already enjoying hype for disruptive games. However, in the meantime, players can still enjoy the game for free on the Coinlist platform.


We have analyzed three of the most promising new NFT games for 2022, examining their themes, play-to-earn mechanisms, and overall market positioning. Of these three, Silks has a clear edge over the others in terms of market positioning and relevance. The game’s streamlined system will make it appealing to a tech-savvy generation, enabling them to monetize their love for thoroughbred horse racing. Moreover, Silks’ derivative gamified economy and play-to-win features will create diverse streams of revenue for early participants.

In addition to being a valuable currency, Silks will also allow players to invest in their virtual horses and receive rewards in the form of STT. These STT can be exchanged for real money in the secondary market or converted to SLK at a variable exchange rate. Silks will also feature decentralized datasets containing information on thoroughbred racing, making Silks a unique way to integrate this aspect of the thoroughbred industry with the NFT games of the future.

The project’s blockchain-based infrastructure allows users to buy, sell, and exchange virtual land plots and horses for real world cash. The platform’s Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol enables members to generate rewards and gain rewards while playing. Silks is a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Silks was one of the first NFT games, and it is poised to become one of the leading NFT tools in the web3 ecosystem. It incorporates market sniping and NFT botting, bridging the crypto world and the real world.

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Neon District

The main goal of Neon District is to deliver pizzas. It’s sort of like DoorDash, but on the blockchain. Players earn Neon, an in-game currency, by sending their team on deliveries. They can use Neon to purchase new power-ups and other items. They can also ambush and steal 50% of the Neon of other players. In some cases, players will even have to fight other players to survive.

As far as the art team is concerned, the game will feature art by Diego Martinez, Hardy Fowler, Marina Giardinieri, James Newton, and Tatiana Yamshanova. The team also includes Ben Smith, Brian Hacker, and Adam Gibbons. The team also includes Dave Smith, who is the executive producer of the Neon District games. The game’s developers plan to use blockchain technology and Ethereum NFTs to make the game available on the internet.

Neon District is a blockchain-based cyberpunk RPG. It’s free to play and has a dystopian design. Its developers have developed many popular games including Plasma Bears and Pineapple Arcade. Blockade Games has also been credited for many of its top games. It’s likely that the developers behind Neon District will continue to create new games and bring the technology to players.

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