What are Llamaz?

Llamaz are procedurally generated digital art pieces, in the form of PNG files, and made by combining up to 5 attribute components including Backgrounds, Breeds, Hats, Glasses, and Neck Accessories. There are millions of possible Llamaz permutations, but only 10,000 were selected.

Only these 10,000 Llamaz will ever be minted. All the components were hand drawn on a custom pixel art software ensuring homogeneity and compatibility between components. The resulting artwork source codes were then randomly combined into 9,970 Llamaz, with some permutations discarded automatically and manually in the event of color or cosmetic clashes. 30 out of the 10,000 Llamaz were then designed manually to create a handful of Celebrity Llamaz.

Serial Codes

Each component that makes up the Llamaz attributes is indexed. For example the "Pirate Captain Tricorne" hat was the 3rd item to be added to our database, and as a result it is 0-indexed as 2. To denote that this component is part of the hat attributes, a "h" is added in front of the index value, giving it the unique serial code "h2".

When a Llama is generated, we combine the serial codes of each of its components to give us a unique serial code that describes each LLama. This way we can find back all the components that make a Llama just by looking at its serial code, and conversely, we are able to generate a Llama from a serial code.

Our database was indexed using these serial codes, making it impossible to get duplicate Llamaz. Each Llama is therefore unique. This system also allows for fast and easy searches. The fictitious Llama (was never minted) displayed in the GIF below has the unique serial code "b12l4h2g8n26".

Attribute Distribution

The Llama above has a component for all 5 attributes. However, this is not the case for all Llamaz. In fact only a little over 15% of the 10,000 Llamaz possess a component for all 5 attributes. When a Llama has a missing attribute, an underscore is added in lieu of the index number of the component. For example by looking at the serial code of Siera Granger ("b24l0h21g1n_") we can immediately tell that this Llama has no Neck Accessory. The pie-chart below gives an overview of the number of components per Llama.

The bar-chart below provides a more detailed look at component distribution amongst Llamaz. In the chart, the occurance of a component is denoted by the same character as its serial and underscores are used to denote the lack of said component. For example "bl___" denotes the Llamaz with a Background and a Llama Breed but no other attributes.

Cuteness Scores

Each component drawn was given a Cuteness Score by the artists. Using these scores we can calculate an overall cuteness score for each Llama according to the following formula.

Cuteness Score = L + (B + H + G + N) / 4

Such that:

L = Llamaz Breed score (always equal to 1)
B = Background score
H = Hat score
G = Glasses score
N = Neck Accessory score.

⚠ Disclaimer -- Please note that these scores solely describe the value for the artist's appreciation of his own work, and do not in any way describe the value or price of the artwork.

Llama Names

Each Llama has a unique name made up of two components, a first name and a last name. For the first 9,970 Llamaz, these names were generated pseudo-randomly from a list of 183 first names and 173 last names. The remaining 30 Celebrity Llamaz were named by the artists. A complete list of names is available in the tool below.

Mint Sequence

Once all 10,000 Llamaz were rendered, their serial codes, cuteness scores, and names were generated and databased. The Llamaz were minted onto the Ethereum blockchain via OpenSea. The order in which the first 9,970 Llamaz were minted was determined pseudo-randomly. The final 30 Llamaz were minted in an order determined by the artists. This order is recorded as the Mint Sequence and is databased for each Llama. The first Llama in the sequence is Vector McGlitch (#0) and the last one is Llamalon Must (#9999).

Release Price Policy

Please note that there are no bonding curves and we will not change our listing prices over time. Procedurally generated Llamaz are sold at a fixed 0.08 ETH per Llama. A handful of rare Celebrity Llamaz are sold at higher prices, which reflect how unique they are. The prices for these Celebrity Llamaz are described below.

Llamalon Must (#9999)Private sale barter in exchange for a Tesla
Satoshi Llamaman (#9997)1 ETH
Vitalik Llamerin (#9998)1 ETH
Jack Llamorsey (#9996)0.5 ETH
Llamanksy (#9995)0.5 ETH
Leonardo Da Llama (#9994)0.5 ETH
Pablo Llamazo (#9993)0.5 ETH
Rene Llamagritte (#9992)0.5 ETH
Neil Llamastrong (#9991)1 ETH
Buzz Llamaldrino (#9990)1 ETH
Yuri Llamarin (#9989)1 ETH
Leica Shepard (#9988)1 ETH
Alexei LLamanov (#9987)1 ETH
Kepler Newton (#9986)0.25 ETH
Hubble Webb (#9985)0.25 ETH
Eratosthenes Laplace (#9984)0.25 ETH
Galileo Sagan (#9983)0.25 ETH
Ptolemy Higgs (#9982)0.25 ETH
Captain Flatz (#9981)0.5 ETH
Pizzalover Flatz (#9980)0.5 ETH
Silly Flatz (#9979)0.5 ETH
Dummy Flatz (#9978)0.5 ETH
Llabobski Flatz (#9977)0.5 ETH
Steve the Wizard (#9976)0.25 ETH
Prototype Tester2 (#9975)0.15 ETH
Prototype Tester1 (#9974)0.15 ETH
X AE ? A X!! :) (#9973)0.5 ETH
Jair Hatestrees (#9972)0.1 ETH
Boris Buffoon (#9971)0.1 ETH
Donald Marallamago (#9970)0.1 ETH