The Llegend of the Llamaz

A long long time ago, in a multiverse far far away...

The year is 6802 Anno Llamano (AL). The Llamaz civilization, once fruitful and prosperous, where resources and nature’s bounty were abundant to all, is now starting to crumble.

Several bad harvests, a mysterious change in climatic conditions, and competition for resources with other neighbouring species -- the Alpacaz -- has prompted Llama-kind to seek out a future away from their planet. The LLamaz now look to the sky and stars, with the hopes of becoming a space faring civilization with the ability to one day find another host planet to settle on.

How did the Llamaz civilisation get to this point? It’s still unclear, but some very wise Llama scholars argue that a few hundred years ago, the move from a Fiat based mercantile society to a decentralised financial system based on Proof of Work technologies, fueled the need for a lot of energy for blockchain mining. This in turn caused greater emissions of greenhouse gases, and in turn climatic changes.

In fact, the Llamaz world went completely crazy over decentralised tech. Llamaz started putting their music, food recipes, and even their artwork on the blockchain. This required more and more and more energy.

All of this energy production for mining has had a significant negative impact on the climate of Llamaland, including the melting of ice caps, forest fires, earthquakes, and sandstorms. Basically the end of the world type sh*t.

Several pioneers and actors have pushed for Llama-kind’s move to space. They include the state funded Llama Space Agency (LSA), but also support from private enterprises and individuals.

Llamalon Must, the famous technologist and inventor of the electric powered DogeCarz, has also contributed a lot of resources and support towards this project, which has now become a joint venture between the LSA and DogeCarz Inc.

But there are some who wish to see the mission go awry. Yes, the pesky Flat Llama Earthers (FLE), who believe that the space mission is just a conspiracy, as they don’t believe that the Llamaz planet is round at all.

As Llama-kind now turns its hopes for salvation to space, the LLAMAZ-1 mission has just completed a successful flight into near-space.

The space ship was designed by Leonardo Da Llama (inventor of the two person straw, llama propeller hat, and other trivial yet fun inventions).

Before the launch, the Llamaz extracted DNA samples from all their citizens. A copy of this DNA travelled on a USB memory stick up to near-space. So in their own way, each Llama also took part in this epic adventure.

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