What You Get When You Buy an NFT of a Tweet

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What are NFTs and why would you want to buy them? NFTs are collectibles containing tweets that people have deemed valuable. By purchasing a tweet, you’re establishing a relationship with the person who created it. The tweet itself is signed by the @handle of the creator, much like an autographed baseball card. These collectibles are not limited to people, but are more valuable than the tweet itself.

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Bored Ape Yacht Club

If you’re looking for a cryptocurrency that is fun, unique, and easy to use, you may want to look into Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). This non-fungible token collection is based on the Ethereum blockchain and features cartoon apes. Despite the fact that the apes look like they’re out of a cartoon, they are procedurally generated. And, the best part is that they’re free!

A popular community on the internet has sprung up around the BAYC. As the Bored Apes’ popularity grew, so did the media’s interest. After all, who wouldn’t want to party like a simian? In November 2021, the yacht club threw its first-ever Ape Fest, which included a gallery exhibition, costume contest, and a private party on a 1000-person vessel off the coast of Manhattan. The party was attended by celebrities and brands such as Lil Baby, Strokes, Beck, and Chris Rock, and even Eminem, Paris Hilton, and Jimmy Fallon.

In addition to the exclusive member benefits, the BAYC has a bounty of fun, social media-savvy apes that want to get their hands on the money. Bored Ape Yacht Club started selling non-fungible tokens (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain. One Bored Ape NFT is worth around $200 in Ethereum cryptocurrency. This means that every time someone buys one, they are guaranteed to be paid twice as much as they paid for it. And, with the NFT’s commercial use rights, the apes can create creative works of art from purchased artwork.

The BAYC is an Ethereum-based collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens. Each one of the NFTs is unique, and its owner can prove ownership of the unique digital item. The artworks are all completely unique and represent various traits of an ape. The BAYC is intended to be a social space for crypto investors. The community can enjoy exclusive events and spin-off collections. But, the most unique aspect of this crypto-art project is its backstory.

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The NFTs are dual purpose: they act as membership cards for the holder community. The larger the community, the lower the desire to sell them. In addition, BAYC has met ups in the UK, Hong Kong, and California. Bored Ape Yacht Club also organized a weekend of festivities in New York during November. The events included a yacht party and a concert featuring Chris Rock and Azid Ansari.


There is a very real way to capture the value of a tweet and it’s called buying an NFT of that tweet. When you purchase an NFT, you have a direct relationship with the creator of that tweet, as the piece of artwork will be signed by his or her twitter handle. It’s like buying an autographed baseball card, except you’re paying for a tweet instead of the tweet itself!

To get started with Valuables, you must have a MetaMask account, connect your Ethereum wallet to the service, and sign in to Twitter. Once you’ve signed up, you can paste a tweet link into the search bar to start bidding. The tweet will be listed in Valuables as a draft tweet. Copy the link to send to your followers on Twitter, and they can then bid on it. If someone bids high enough, you can accept the bid and receive the money in your MetaMask wallet.

The value of the tweet NFT plummeted dramatically on Thursday after Elon Musk announced his takeover bid for Twitter. Despite being valued at $9 million when he announced his plan, the NFT dropped in value by $2,905,867, and Estavi said he’ll never sell it again if it doesn’t fetch a “high bid.”

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This is an example of how the internet is becoming more valuable. People are willing to spend fortunes to own digital art, even if it’s only a tweet. Even better, there are people who are willing to pay up to $250,000 for a single tweet. Because of these reasons, the value of NFTs can be very high. In addition to the financial value, they can create a personal connection between the creator and collector.

In addition to Twitter, other websites and a social media network have been selling their NFTs for a fraction of their original value. Valuables is one such platform. It allows users to sell their original tweets for cryptocurrencies. One notable example of an auctioned NFT was the famous’slap yourself’ tweet from Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. The original tweet, which included the immortal line ‘just setting up my twttr’, sold for $2.9 million. After that, the gold rush mentality set in and prices rose astronomically.

Jack Dorsey’s first tweet

Last year, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey decided to sell his very first tweet as a NFT. The first tweet sold for $2.9 million and may be worth less than $14,000 again. The transaction highlights the maturing NFT market. While the first tweet may not garner the attention of Christie’s, it is a testament to how valuable such a rare item can become. This article explores the first tweet in detail.

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s first tweet was sold as a non-fungible token (NFT) on Monday for $2.9 million. Sina Estavi, an Iranian crypto entrepreneur, had originally purchased the NFT last year for $2.9 million. He planned to donate the proceeds to charity. Since the auction is taking place on OpenSea, the highest bid on the NFT has been $11,500 (3.8 ETH).

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The auctioned tweet was published in March 2006, making it a rare piece of art. The first tweet was so iconic and recognizable, that it was a valuable ‘non-fungible’ token. It sold for $2.9 million USD in March 2021. Later, an Iranian crypto investor listed the NFT for sale again, donating half of the proceeds to charity. At the time of the auction, Sina Estavi was expecting that the tweet would fetch at least $25 million in bids, but in the end, it only received 0.09 ETH (about $277 USD) – a price equivalent to just under a dollar today.

Estavi has publicly burned the NFT of the tweet and has decided to sell it again. However, his NFT is now worth more than $50,000, so he may not sell it at that price. While the market has been very volatile and there is a limited amount of time, this transaction may prove to be lucrative for Mr Estavi. But the question remains: will the auctioned NFT of Jack Dorsey’s first tweet be a long-term bet?

This Twitter history is quite fascinating, and we have just scratched the surface of its possibilities. Dorsey’s first tweet, “just setting up my twtr,” dated March 2006, says: “I’m just getting started on my twttr.”

Banksy’s fake NFT

A cybercriminal exploited a security flaw in Banksy’s website to set up a page selling a fake non-fungible token. The result was a $336,000 loss for the user, who eventually returned the money, minus a $5,000 transaction fee. As a result of the attack, the street artist’s organization has been contacted about the security flaw.

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Despite its nefarious purpose, the fake Banksy was quickly identified as a work of art. The artist’s original CryptoPunk #7804 was sold for $7 million. In the context of this fake, the image was edited and put up for sale on an online auction site called OpenSea. It was a pixelated image of a character smoking. The NFT’s owner eventually removed the page after it reached over $336,000 in its auction.

In the aftermath of the scandal, Banksy’s official account deleted the post. The artist has denied any involvement in any fake NFT. In a blog post, a Banksy spokesperson denied any involvement in the NFT and urged Twitter users not to make assumptions. In the meantime, Twitter users are asking if Pranksy is really buying a fake NFT of a tweet from Banksy.

According to Banksy’s team, the fake NFT of a tweet was created by a hacker, a fan believed he was purchasing the first ever NFT. In reality, the fan was cheated out of his money and was reimbursed, except for a PS5,000 transaction fee. The auction website’s spokesperson did not confirm the authenticity of the auction website or whether it was associated with Banksy.

Despite the risks, the market for fake NFTs continues to grow, with at least twelve people buying fake Banksy tweets in the last 12 hours. Luckily, the hype surrounding Banksy has given rise to several fakes. Ultimately, NFTs are a viable way to raise funds. However, the NFT frenzy has created a monster. Meanwhile, people are eager to purchase a fake NFT, often without doing the necessary research.

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When you’re looking for a decent NFT, it’s important to look for those with a low price tag. The more followers you have, the better. If you want to buy around 100 NFT for your account, there are some things to look for before making your decision. You’ll want to make sure that the followers are real, not just a fake number. To do this, you’ll need to manually check the profiles and posts. Although this process can take some time, it may be worth it in the end.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

The new Nintendo technology – Bored Apes – is one of the hottest topics in the cryptosphere. The company is attempting to create a powerful brand that can compete with other large franchises. To make this happen, they have adapted an IP model whereby they guarantee commercial licenses to each ape. In doing this, they’re transforming commercialization into a collective effort.

Bored Ape Yacht Club is an Ethereum blockchain project that is a digital platform and consists of 10,000 unique NFTs. Each Bored Ape NFT has a unique ID assigned to the image of the artwork. To ensure the authenticity of these NFTs, holders can check the provenance history of the piece. The project’s creators are hoping to create a thriving community with members from around the world.

The project has a unique selling point: each Bored Ape has an inherent value. The psychedelic and golden skins of certain Apes are extremely rare. Exponents of these rare types have attained sky-high valuations. There are a few other things to consider before deciding to purchase a Bored Ape. To buy a Bored Ape, you can connect your Ethereum Blockchain wallet to an NFT marketplace.

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While Bored Ape NFTs are not yet available on the primary Bitcoin exchange, they are readily available on a secondary market. The most popular marketplace for buying Bored Ape NFTs is OpenSea. Purchasing Bored Ape NFTs will require you to pay around 100 ETH. The NFTs will be transferred to your chosen address. A single Bored Ape NFT can cost up to USD 200, making it impossible for the average Joe to afford it.


Meebits are 3-dimensional characters with a market value of around $22,000. Depending on the rarity, you can get them for as little as $5 or as much as a million dollars. Meebits can be used as avatars in open-world blockchain applications, such as Metaverses, and as avatars in 3D voxel characters. You can also use them to make 2D pixel art or animations. Despite their high price, Meebits are not as expensive as CryptoPunks.

CryptoPunks was the first project in the Non-Fungible Tokens space, but it had limited supply and sold out quickly. However, with Meebits, there is a two-fold supply, and the project’s creators believe it will be timeless. For this reason, Meebits are a good NFT to buy around 100 and hold.

Meebits are a popular choice amongst crypto-currency enthusiasts, with many different uses. They’re easy to use, and the price range is very generous, from just a few dollars to over a thousand dollars. You can even trade them on other exchanges. However, it’s recommended to hold onto Meebits for at least a week before selling them.

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If you want to buy Meebits, you should pay a little more than that. The first time they hit the 100 ETH floor, they’ll likely be worth more than that. In April 2022, they’ll be at their lowest floor price yet, and then rise steadily. The next few weeks will determine their value. You may find yourself buying Meebits at a price lower than you expected.

Bored Ape Yacht Club, or BAYC, is one of the more recent initiatives. The company’s owners use these as avatars. The apes are available in various rarities and qualities. Some are rare, while others are rare. If you’re looking to buy Meebits around 100, the first option is to join the Bored Ape Yacht Club. The company has a limited number of Mutant Ape Yacht Club, but if you’re interested in joining the ape community, you may want to buy them.


If you’re interested in Ethereum, you’ll want to look at Moonbirds. Like CryptoPunks and Bored Apes, Moonbirds are Ethereum-based projects. This project is the first launch from the PROOF Collective, an investor group headed by Kevin Rose. The project’s logo features a pixelated owl with randomized traits and features. Its genesis has been an unexpected success, and it’s on the rise to become a major player in the PFP NFT market.

The developers of Moonbirds are a group from the PROOF collective (also behind the Grails project). They are led by lead entrepreneur Kevin Rose and Justin Mezzell, who have previous experience as tech investors. In Moonbirds, you can unlock benefits by nesting. By locking your NFT in a nest, you can gain the benefits of upgrading and unlocking new tiers.

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Moonbirds are the newest collection of NFTs, with over 10,000 owl avatars. Originally launched as a collection of NFTs, Moonbirds will continue to be valuable for many years to come. These NFTs are part of the Proof Collective, a private members-only community of NFT artists and collectors. Founder Kevin Rose has a huge following on Twitter, and his podcast, Proof, features NFT talks with some of the biggest names in the Web3/NFT community.

The Moonbirds NFT has been the talk of the NFT world this week. Since its launch, the project has raised more than $289 million USD, which is equivalent to more than $1 million. The Moonbirds project has gotten massive attention ahead of its mint. Creating hype creates catalysts for price. This hype drives the price of NFTs higher. When the hype hits, investors will be more likely to invest in them.

Crypto Barista

If you are interested in purchasing NFTs, you can search the internet for a good platform that offers these tokens. Then, click on the “Go to Site” button to create an account. Once you have created an account, you can begin exploring the exciting world of NFTs. You can also choose to buy these tokens in exchange for Bitcoins, if you wish. Just be sure to do some research and keep these tips in mind.

While NFTs are not as easy to sell as other cryptocurrencies, you can buy them for a very cheap price. Just be sure to read up on the project and its community. You can also find a Discord server that allows you to communicate with other members. While this may seem a bit tedious, there are many NFT projects with active communities that you can join to ask questions and learn about new developments.

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One of the most popular NFTs right now is the WonderPals. These little cuties are created by CoolmanUniverse and promise to spread kindness and joy throughout the year. This is an incredible investment and one of the best NFTs for around 100 dollars. You can follow these wonderpals on social media or on Discord and see what the latest news is! The WonderPals are the perfect NFT for those looking to get started in this exciting new world of crypto currencies.

The Gooniez Gang is another NFT project to check out. Designed by the same team behind the X-Men and Transformers, the Gooniez Gang is a collection of 7,777 NFT tokens. Each ape has a unique look and has its own community. And, like with many crypto projects, the Stoner Ape Club has a wide variety of competitions and sneak peeks, as well as whitelist access.


VeeFriends has proven to be a successful digital collectibles project since its launch in May 2021. Its massive sales volume of around $500 million helped boost the overall NFT market, which has slowed to a crawl throughout 2022. In addition to VeeFriends, other popular digital collectibles include Moonbirds, CloneX, Azuki, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Otherdeeds.

In addition to its stellar price, VeeFriends comes with a bonus – a free book. It features stories of 100 women and is illustrated by the same artist as the Women Rise collection. VeeFriends is backed by a motivated and passionate creator who’s staked his reputation on making this currency relevant for its users. In addition, the project also allows its owners to connect with other VeeFriends holders, through its website and through VeeCon events.

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In addition to a free access pass, VeeFriends offers exclusive experiences that Gary creates and leads. The tokens, which cost about seven hundred dollars, can be exchanged for one of six different kinds of gifts. Members receive 90 in-person access tokens, one-of-one art tokens, and an annual three-year access pass to VeeCon. And because each token is limited, the best time to purchase VeeFriends is before VeeCon begins.

In addition to the tokens, VeeFriends also features a revolving floor price and a Dutch Auction style sale. Token prices start at a ceiling and then decrease every millisecond until the floor price is reached. Currently, the lowest-cost tokens will start at 2.5 ETH and auction down to 0.5 ETH. The next time you look for an NFT, it’s probably VeeFriends.

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