Which Are Top NFT Marketplace and Aggregator?

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TofuNFT, Gem, Genie, Magic Eden are among the top NFT marketplace and aggregators. But how can you tell which one is the best? In this article, we will compare the features of each, as well as how these platforms compare with each other. And remember, NFT is not the same as crypto. So, you may need to use more than one platform.

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TofuNFT is a layer one NFT marketplace and aggregator that recently launched on the Fuse Network. It has already generated 16 million dollars in NFT trading volume and has over 45,000 user wallets connected within the last month. The marketplace has seen success in trading the GameFi NFT and Binance Smart Chain. Its extensive search and filtering engine is a big plus for players.

Chimeras is a next-generation mobile game that incorporates NFTs. It also has integrated DeFi Farming. It is powered by Babylons, a community-governed blockchain gaming aggregator. It also supports NFT trading in the form of cryptocurrencies, credit and debit cards. The website has several NFT categories. The marketplace releases a new collection of assets every three weeks.

Stacks Art is another top NFT marketplace. Stacks Art makes use of the STX blockchain for securing NFTs. It allows users to browse a variety of digital artifacts and make purchases using their Hiro wallets. It takes a 2.5 percent commission for secondary sales. The platform offers royalty on secondary sales of NFTs. TofuNFT also accepts BTC, ETH, and USD and other cryptocurrencies.

TofuNFT has several important features. Its filter panel lets you narrow down items by specifying conditions for the search. It displays information about selected NFTs, including their price and last sold date. The site also features a history section for NFTs, which is useful for finding rarer NFTs and narrowing down the list to the best NFTs for sale.

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Other top NFT marketplaces and aggregators include NFTTrade, TofuNFT, and TofuNFT. The first cross-chain NFT marketplace, it provides an integrated ecosystem for the creation, listing, and trading of NFTs. It also offers a barter system to facilitate the exchange of NFTs. You can easily exchange your cryptocurrency for the NFTs you want.

LooksRare is another Ethereum-based NFT marketplace, and it is a direct competitor of OpenSea. LooksRare charges 2% of the value of the NFTs you purchase and sell. You get $LOOKS token when you buy or sell NFT. It also distributes 75% of the value to the community. You can earn up to 600% interest on your NFTs. The NFT market is growing rapidly, and TofuNFT is one of the best options for newbies.


The company’s product allows users to buy and sell NFTs across different marketplaces in one transaction. Users can use any ERC-20 token to pay for their purchases and also view analytics. Its NFT aggregator claims to save up to 40% on gas fees for its users. Moreover, Gem claims to help users save up to 40% on transaction fees when compared to other NFT marketplaces.

With the acquisition of the NFT aggregator Gem, OpenSea plans to further improve the user experience for its NFT community. They plan to carry forward Gem’s services from OpenSea’s platform and learn more about advanced non-fungible token circles. As of midday Monday, Gem had processed 207,577 transactions. The company reports adding more than 48,000 new users since last September.

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The company’s platform is extremely user-friendly and offers a variety of tools to users. For example, users can ask for new features, report bugs, and request rare ranking. The Discord community provides excellent support for Gem users, and there is a voting system for user suggestions. Gem also has an upcoming ICO, which may prove beneficial to the NFT aggregator industry. But before jumping to the ICO stage, it is imperative to look for a top NFT marketplace and aggregator.

In addition to offering similar functions to Gem, it also offers the ability to buy and sell NFTs in bulk. The company’s platform is also able to support LooksRare, a popular NFT marketplace. LooksRare users can buy and sell NFTs through Gem, and Gem users can reap the rewards. These benefits are great for all users. Gem also offers users the option to receive token rewards on LooksRare.

Genie and Gem are the two leading NFT marketplace and aggregator, respectively. Founded in 2017, both companies have rapidly increased their popularity. In just seven days, Gem processed over ten times more transactions than Genie, and registered close to ten times the volume in the same time period. Despite the recent changes, Genie remains a viable option in the NFT marketplace aggregation space. Its innovative services attract members of the NFT community, who are eager to save gas fees.


In April 2017, the CEO of top NFT marketplace aggregator Genie teased the public about the launch of its official coin. The tweet, which contained no context, sparked confusion on Twitter. Later, the CEO clarified that Genie was not an official coin, and that the company only provides an aggregation service. However, Genie remains a leader in NFT trading.

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UniSwap is already involved in NFTs, launching Unisocks in February 2019. The Uniswap team sees NFTs as a gateway to web3 and an additional format for value within the digital economy. In addition, UniSwap has already forayed into the NFT market by launching Unisocks in spring 2019. Unisocks is an NFT liquidity pool backed by real-world assets.

Uniswap Labs, which developed the decentralized exchange protocol UNI, has acquired Genie, a leading NFT marketplace aggregator. The Uniswap platform will integrate NFTs into its web app, and Uniswap is aiming to launch a decentralized NFT exchange in the fall. The company hopes to leverage the current recovery in the NFT market by adding NFTs to developer APIs and widgets.

Coinbase’s acquisition of Genie will not have an effect on the UNI token or the Uniswap Protocol and Governance. Genie users will still be able to access its marketplace website and Genesis NFT. In addition to this, Uniswap will airdrop USDC to users of Genie’s Genesis NFT. The acquisition will have no impact on Uniswap’s other products, including Genesis NFT. However, this acquisition will hamper the integration of NFT trading functionality in the platform.

While OpenSea remains the largest NFT marketplace, there are now multiple marketplaces for other asset categories such as pfps, IP, art, and sports. Adding the complexity of listing assets across multiple exchanges is cumbersome and frustrating. And buying NFTs of the same collection has proven to be time-consuming and inefficient. But with Genie, the pain of acquiring assets has gone away.

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Magic Eden

The founders of Magic Eden have taken a new approach in gaining market share for their platform. Instead of focusing on establishing themselves as a pure cryptocurrency exchange, they have instead sought to work with other blockchain companies to embed their marketplace within their apps. Magic Eden has partnered with Exodus, a mobile wallet platform that lets users access the Magic Eden app from within the app. Other partnerships have been struck with media companies, including Overtime, which has developed its own NFT for the March Madness NCAA US college basketball tournament.

Several community members are involved with Magic Eden, which means that their voice is heard and their input is taken into consideration. As a result, the platform is constantly improving and implementing new features and services. In order to be successful, Magic Eden users need to be active and participate in its Discord community. They can do this by completing a Magic Ticket survey and posting it on the MagicDAO Discord channel.

Solana NFTs were introduced in March 2021, and the NFT ecosystem exploded during the same year. Today, the cumulative unique NFT ownership on the Solana blockchain has reached 2.59 million. Despite a recent cooldown in the nft market, Magic Eden has continued to grow. The NFT market bubble has created a new opportunity for companies in the space. Magic Eden, which raised a $2.5 million seed round last October, has emerged as the leading NFT marketplace on Solana.

The rapid growth of NFTs has made Magic Eden an industry leader in the Solana blockchain space. In November of last year, it commanded 30% of the NFT market. Now, it controls more than ninety percent of the market. The company’s popularity is further evidenced by its recent acquisition of Dune Analytics, a crypto analytics platform. It also works with the creators of Launchpad to help them mint and market their NFTs.

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In addition to being a top NFT marketplace and aggregation, Magic Eden has been founded by four veteran tech entrepreneurs with deep experience in the startup world. The company’s co-founders, Zhuoxun Yin, and Jack Lu have a combined experience of working with tech giants. The platform features four primary sections:

There are a few basic qualities that make a really good NFT. They build a community, have a solid team, offer some utility, and are consistent in their niche. These qualities all indicate that a product is worth buying. These characteristics will increase its value in the marketplace, so be sure to take advantage of these traits. Here are some other things to consider when creating a great NFT.

Build a community

Building a community around an NFT is essential to the long-term success of your project. Whether your project is a portfolio of video files, images, soundtracks, or anything in between, it is imperative to create a community to share ideas and collaborate. While an initial sale may seem like the end of the world, this is not the case. The leading NFT collections are created by the photographer themselves, along with followers, fans, and collectors. As an artist, cultivating a community is the most essential part of your project. Here are some easy ways to develop your community:

One of the easiest ways to build a community for an NFT is to organize a trivia quiz. You should make the questions related to the project or your audience, and you should announce the quiz a week before it takes place. By doing this, you’ll be able to attract a larger number of participants. One great NFT project is Outlaw Apes, which gives away free merch on Twitter.

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In order to develop a community for an NFT, you need to be aware of the potential for growth. Without a community, you’ll find it impossible to gauge the potential of your project. Without a community, your project is likely to fail. However, a community can help you build a name for your project in the NFT space. If you follow these simple steps, you can build a great community in no time at all.

Once you’ve built a community for an NFT, it’s time to hire a team and a Moderator. As a community manager, you’ll need to keep track of community activities and hire a Moderator to manage the community. While you’re building your community, consider the feedback from members and implement suggestions that they make. If you haven’t already done so, this is a great place to start.

Create a feedback channel. Many NFT projects fail to make use of a feedback channel. Creating feedback channels for your community members is a crucial part of building a community. The feedback of members will help you improve the project and your community. You’ll also be able to attract more members and supporters by allowing people to share their knowledge and ideas. A healthy community will encourage more meaningful engagements and a lively atmosphere.

Have a strong team

A strong NFT team will have four critical roles, all of which are vital to the success of your project. The first is a project manager, who sets the overall strategic direction for the project and ensures that no mistake is made. This person also helps you build relationships with the nft holders, by creating a welcoming community and introducing special events. The project manager will use various communication tools, such as email lists and Twitter Spaces, to engage with nft holders.

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The second element is a strong team. Choosing a team that is invested in the project will increase the chances of success. Having a strong team will help you get a good response to your NFT questions. You can start by reading blogs and YouTube videos of the team. After all, they will be the ones who are invested in the project. In this way, you will get an authentic opinion about the project.

The third aspect is the size of your team. The ideal team size is four to six members, and the size of the team can vary. You will want to know your financial constraints and the number of teammates you need to cover the project’s objectives. The number of teammates per volume traded will tell you how much you need to invest in your project. The more teammates you have, the more money you will earn.

A strong team will help you create interesting activities. Having a Discord community manager is essential for running an NFT project. They are free and will help you with moderating, leveling, and other features. You will also want to have a strong team, as NFT communities expect to be supported round the clock. For this reason, you should have a strong team and communicate effectively with them.

Building an NFT community can be done by organizing events. This will help individuals to get to know each other. People like to be part of a community and want to feel that they’re part of something greater than themselves. Twitter Spaces is an excellent platform for events, and Discord has a stage for hosting events. You can also organize a gaming competition or a movie night. Whatever you decide, you’ll need a plan for your NFT community.

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Have some sort of utility

Many products offer some sort of utility. For example, food is a product that provides nutrition to the body. Similarly, water provides a necessary element of life, but purified water has greater utility than dirty water, which can cause illness. Freshly cooked food is a product that provides a higher level of satisfaction than frozen food, which is less nutritious and generally inferior tasting. But some products offer no physical need, but do offer utility.

To have a utility, the product must be non-fungible. The utility of a product can vary based on its location, its form, and whether or not it is fungible. Possession utility describes the utility a product provides based on the person holding the item. For example, a consumer may get a high level of satisfaction from a food product when he is hungry, while a consumer who never encounters it doesn’t receive any utility.

Have a consistent niche

You can generate huge income by having a really good NFT niche. NFT is a relatively new industry, and if done well, it can be lucrative. But to earn a decent income from NFT, you need to know what to write about. Niche blogging and niche research are both important parts of NFT. However, you can also outsource the creation of your NFT if you want to make a killing combo.

The NFT industry is a thriving one, and it has many facets to make it an excellent business opportunity. NFTs are digital, meaning that anyone with a computer can make them. And because NFTs can be so flexible, you can make them realistic or look like blocky pixels. One example is a video that went for $600,000, a video of Nyan Cat, which was a viral hit that was viewed millions of times.

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Art is another lucrative NFT niche. People with a creative background can turn their virtual artwork into NFT artwork. And since art is already a very competitive niche, you can niche it into something new. There are several sub-niches within this category, including art, games, and virtual collectibles. In addition to the art niche, you can also consider the virtual worlds or metaverse, which are blockchain-powered alternate realities. These virtual worlds allow people to create digital assets, play games, and display NFTs in art galleries. The metaverse is a virtual environment, built by the crypto community.

If you want to sell NFTs, consider joining groups and communities that share similar interests. For example, join groups dedicated to cryptocurrency assets, like Rarible or NBA TopShot. You can also join communities that focus on digital creations. To be visible to your audience, you should hold regular AMA sessions, usually in large Telegram chats or YouTube channels. Consider implementing rewards to reward community members for promoting your NFT. If your NFT is not yet listed on any of these communities, you will never know what kind of feedback you might get.

Once you’ve created a consistent NFT niche, you can expand your business beyond the game itself. For example, you can sell limited edition versions of popular songs, or create your own music content. There’s no limit to how you can use the NFT model in this industry. In fact, it’s so lucrative, that you can even use it outside of games. Have a really good NFT niche and enjoy the rewards!

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